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Early Intervention

The Learning Unit includes the Early Intervention Program, School Program and Learning Support Program caters.

The Early Intervention Program serves children birth to five years and includes comprehensive developmental assessments and therapy provided in one-on-one and/or group settings according to individually tailored management plans. Services incorporate an interdisciplinary approach and the continual involvement of parents.

The School Program, licensed by the Jordanian Ministry of Education, provides full time special education and therapy to children (5-18) years of age, suffering from developmental disorders, neurological dysfunctions or learning difficulties of a full range of needs. The school always aims to achieve each child’s highest possible level of functional independence in all forms of development, with the ultimate goal of returning the child to mainstream education.

The Learning Support Program cater to students who are of normal intelligence but have specific learning difficulties in one or more area such as reading, writing, spelling, math and personal organizational skills. Al-Masar provides assessment and tutoring support for students. The aim is to help them gain confidence by building their organizational and study skills and bridging gaps in their academic performance.

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